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Boudicat, by Robin Price ISBN: 9781906132019
SIZE: 216 x 138mm
AUTHOR: Robin Price
PRICE: £7.99
FORMAT: Paperback


Spartapuss books are set in ancient Rome in a world ruled by cats! In book four of the series, Queen Boudicat declares war on Rome and she wants Spartapuss to join her rebel army. Our ginger hero can't see how a tiny tribe of Kitons can take on the mighty Feline Empire. But warrior queens don't take 'No' for an answer. Boudicat is not for turning, she's for burning!

Action-packed and full of historical details, the Spartapuss series follows the diary of a gladiator cat from Rome to the Land of the Kitons (A.K.A. Britain). Boudicat, the fourth book in the Spartapuss series, was awarded an 'Exclusively Independent' pick of the month for July 2009.

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About the books:

The books are filled with marvelous characters and weird historical facts, which makes them ideal for both cat-lovers and history enthusiasts from around 8 years and upwards.

'An exciting series... really good books. I would recommend them to 10 year olds and upwards who enjoy thrillers that you can't put down until you've read the whole thing!'
Flora Murray, Dalry Secondary School S1, The Journal of Classics Teaching.

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More about Spartapuss' adventures

In I am Spartapuss (the first book) our hero is forced to fight as a gladiator.

In Catligula (the second book) Rome's mad new Emperor befriends Spartapuss.

In Die Clawdius (the third book) Spartapuss travels to the Land of the Kitons.

In Cleocatra's Kushion (the latest book in the series) Spartapuss and his son go treasure hunting at the source of the river Nile.

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