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Cleocatra's Kushion (hardback edition)

Cleocatra's Kushion by Robin Price Available: 01/10/10
Binding: Hardback, 192 pages
ISBN: 9781906132071
Format: 216mm x 138mm
Price £7.99
BISAC Code: JUV002050, JUV016020


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In the fifth exciting adventure, the Son of Spartapuss (nicknamed 'SOS' for short) visits Rome and falls in love with a female with the most beautiful name he has ever heard. He invites the fair Haireena on a date to the Emperor's unfinished Golden Palace. But things get off to a shaky start when the pair are discovered by the cruel emperor Nero, who decides that Haireena will make the perfect present for his favourite gladiator.

SOS chases the gladiator only to find that he's taken Haireena on a secret mission in search of a treasure cavern at the source of the river Nile. Their journey to the Kingdom of the Kushites is full of shocks, crocs and lots of magic, courtesy of Cleocatra's Kushion.

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What the reviewers say:

'The characters are wonderfully named - how about Eddipuss for starters? A wonderfully punny story which had me reading the book right through as soon as I received it. SOS (Son of Spartapuss) falls in love with the wondrously named Haireena. After a disastrous first date, Haireena is taken by Emperor Nero's gladiator and we follow their adventures through the Land of the Purramids as they seek treasure at the source of the River Nile. A really funny and beautifully written story, whisking you back to the days of Ancient Rome - a great way to interest children in history. This is No 5 in the Spartapuss series, and if you haven't already read the others, I urge you to do so.'

About the Spartapuss Series:

'An exciting series... really good books. I would recommend them to 10 year olds and upwards who enjoy thrillers that you can't put down until you've read the whole thing!'
Flora Murray, Dalry Secondary School S1, The Journal of Classics Teaching.

More about Spartapuss' adventures

In I am Spartapuss (the first book) our hero is forced to fight as a gladiator.

In Catligula (the second book) Rome's mad new Emperor befriends Spartapuss.

In Die Clawdius (the third book) Spartapuss travels to the Land of the Kitons.

In Boudicat (the fourth book) Spartapuss gets caught up in Queen Boudicat's uprising.

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