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National Curriculum tie-ins

Spartapuss and the National Curriculum

The Spartapuss series is a fun way of promoting both literacy and history, and provides for a great range of cross-curricular activities for Key Stages One and Two.

Here is a list of some of the key areas in which Spartapuss is relevant to the National Curriculum:

Key Stage 2 History


  • Set in an Ancient Rome ruled by cats- the Romans made fun and accessible for kids.
  • Parts of the series are also set in Britain during the Roman invasion; and Spartapuss himself is a 'Kitton'.
  • Historical names, places and concepts are made memorable and funny through the use of 'Catin'.

Learning outcomes:

  • Unit 6a: invaders
  • Chronological understanding of events, people and places.
  • Historical interpretation.
  • Historical enquiry.
  • Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings.

Key Stage Literacy/English


  • Exploration and explanation of words derived form Latin (ie. 'trident - 'three tooth').
  • Author events with Robin include a creative writing workshop.
  • Spartapuss is a fun, enjoyable story.

Learning outcomes:

  • Word recognition and graphic knowledge, contextual understanding.
  • To imagine and explore feelings and ideas, focusing on creative uses of language and how to interest the reader.
  • Reading and writing as fun activities.

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