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Count Milkula


Count Milkula ISBN: 9780954657659
AGE: 4 and up
SIZE: 290 x 230mm
AUTHOR: Robin Price
ILLUSTRATION: Woodrow Phoenix
PRICE: UK £10.99
FORMAT: 32 pages (hardback)
Full colour illustrations

Lemmy's world is rocked when he loses his bedroom to his new baby brother. So, he turns to Gran for comfort and a bedtime story. She tells the tale of Count Milkula, a selfish, noisy, milk-crazed creature from the monotonous mountains of Mamsylvania. Lemmy finds out that, like baby brothers, Mampires can't do anything for themselves. That's why looking after them is such an adventure.

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"There is something for both adults and children. There are lots of adult-focused references for the adult reader to enjoy. Phoenix’s bright wacky cartoon-like illustrations match the very wacky story of the milk-crazed, sucking Count." Carolyn Boyd, School Librarian Journal, Summer 2007

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